At Southern Hospitality Lawn and Landscaping we are experts at fertilizing lawns as well as plants and shrubs to keep landscapes with a healthy and vibrant look all year round. When adding fertilizer to your grass you should repeatedly apply the appropriate fertilizer at medium strength, which will promote healthier grass year round. We use specific combinations of fertilizers which are best for the St. Petersburg area, as well as fertilizers best for the various plant diversities, because correct fertilization depends on the types of plants native the specific climate.

Many trees and plant types thrive once adding the correct fertilizer blends, which can be put directly into the roots of plants needing a fertilizer boost if need be. Whenever using a deep root fertilizer it is best to use the right equipment intended to suffuse liquefied fertilizer and put directly into the root section. This is best to avoid dirt over spilling and also the roots will rapidly soak up the ample nutrients needed for your gardens landscape.

We are located in St. Petersburg Florida and prepared to handle any of your St. Petersburg landscaping and maintenance needs. Therefore if you are shopping for a new landscape design, and installation, or are searching for any innovative ideas and upgrades we are ready make it happen for you.

Southern Hospitality is licensed and insured and we have been in business since 2009. We make sure all of our clients are satisfied with services we provide and continue to call us back for all of their Landscaping needs.

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