Mulching will enhance the overall look of your property. So whether it's a commercial property or residential home, adding mulch to your landscape in the right areas can provide a livelier more beautiful appearance. Mulching your yard prevents the soil in your planters from splashing onto plants and shrubs as well as structures. And also can prevent soils and common fungous from spattering on shrubbery. It also helps keep a more even soil temperature which promotes plant health.

commercial mulching

Mulching your landscape reduces weed control and keeps in much needed moisture as well as holding on to better soil temperatures. Plants typically grow much better with mulch than plants and gardens not covered in mulch. The most common types of mulch are shredded wood or bark, pine needles and gravel. Whenever adding mulch make sure it covers as much of the root area as possible for optimum results. Whenever putting in mulch to plant beds be sure that all weeds are removed first.

pine bark mulch

Adding Mulch to trees and shrubs is an excellent way to cut down on landscape maintenance and to retain plants health. Mulching planters and other needed areas prevents soil moisture loss from too much evaporation. Mulching also benefits the soil because it keeps dirt well ventilated by reducing the soils density, which can compact whenever it rains, and reduce water overflow and soil loss.

mulch installation

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