St. Petersburg Lawn Care

At Southern Hospitality Lawn and Landscaping in St. Petersburg we are passionate about taking care of all our customers lawn care needs. We provide assurance that clients will be more than satisfied with our lawn care services. We continuously provide customers with reasonable and fair rate, as well as the information necessary in keeping their grass flourishing all year round. Southern Hospitality specializes in commercial and residential accounts in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. If you want weekly landscaping lawn care, or sod installations we can implement it the way you desire.

So whether it's laying sod or maintaining your properties lawn, you can be certain that we offer excellence in all landscaping guaranteed. We find it rewarding and enjoyable to create beautiful lawns and landscapes for our clients to enjoy all year round.

Lawn Care Maintenance

It is important to focus on each aspect whenever caring for a lawn. For example; whenever adding fertilizer it is only effective if applied to the whole lawn evenly with the right amount. There are several approaches for dispersal of fertilizers, one being a drop spreader and also a cyclone spreader. Nevertheless one of the more proficient means to spreading enricher is an air or drop spreader. So whatever kind of dispersal method you use, be sure that you reach all of the lawn thoroughly and equally.

Lawn Care Service

Additional indispensable aspects to persevering a St. Petersburg lawn is having a good irrigation or watering system to assure that correct quantities of water are dispersed throughout the grass. Different kinds of lawn typically vary when it comes to the volume of water required to maintain its healthy condition. Also many kinds of turf grass have sturdier drought tolerances and generally can go longer durations without water. Also having a good irrigation system for lawns makes grass much more proficient at resisting density from weeds and insects, which provides the lawn with more carbon needed for better growth and durability. Furthermore well sprinkled lawns are more proficient at living in environmental stresses such as duress from hotter days, and soil problems and nutrients deficiencies. So proper watering is necessary for lawns to germinate seeds, and also supports the soil solutions. Not to mention it will dilute the many minerals and nutrients for the lawns immersion into grasses roots.

We are located in St. Petersburg Florida and prepared to handle any of your St. Petersburg landscaping and maintenance wants and needs. Therefore if you are arranging for a new landscape design and installation or are researching for any innovative ideas and upgrades that are in style we are ready to make all your wants and needs happen for you.

Southern Hospitality Lawn and Landscaping is prepared to handle all of your St. Petersburg landscaping and lawn needs.  

Southern Hospitality is licensed and insured and we have been in business since 2009. We make sure all of our clients are satisfied with services we provide and continue to call us back for all of their Landscaping needs.

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