Palm Tree Services

At Southern Hospitality we also specialize in an array of specialty tree services. So whether you have a residential home, shopping mall, commercial property, condominium or apartment building, we can handle all of your tree services and tree care needs. Ranging anywhere from trimming/pruning to planting and installing or to tree and stump removal. We maintain beautiful vibrant trees of all varieties. We ensure the aesthetic look and safety of all of our customers properties.

Palm Tree installations

coconut Tree

Coconut trees for a tropical look and feel

canary date palm & COCONUT TREE

Coconut trees and canary date palm installations

Royal Palm Install

Setting placement for the royal palm tree

Royal Palm Installation

The royal is one the most splendid palm trees of the tropics

Working with palm trees

Palm Tree Installation

palm installs

Professional palm tree installation

Palm Prunning

palms pruned

Top-notch palm prunning

Palm Tree Trimming

palm trimming

Expert palm tree trimming