Tree, Shrub and Flower Removal and Installation

Here at Southern Hospitality Lawn and Landscaping we are experts at pruning and plant installation. Also specializing in shrubs, plants, and trees by making sure all are properly clipped, sheared, pruned, and having mulch evenly spread across topsoil with bark, wood chips or with pine straw, whichever you desire. It goes without saying that garden landscapes with nice plants, lawns, trees, flowers and shrubs are an indispensable aspect of creating a yard that looks attractive. So whenever landscaping we utilize many types of trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs to enhance your lawn and gardens appeal. Contact Southern Hospitality Lawn and Landscaping for any shrub, tree and/or flower removal and installation jobs. We offer Landscaping in St. Petersburg and throughout the entire surrounding area.

Plant installations

Plant installation

Whenever you install plants it's important to know which plants will do well for the area you want them planted. Too much or not enough sunlight can kill your plants. Also certain plants like well drained soil and won't do well otherwise. Call now for a free quote on a new landscape.

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Southern Hospitality is licensed and insured and we have been in business since 2009. We make sure all of our clients are satisfied with services we provide and continue to call us back for all of their landscaping needs.