Xeriscapes were initially developed for drought-afflicted regions however xeriscape have turned out to be a very attractive and efficient way to landscape commercial and residential homes and properties. These also do not have only one particular look to them, so you can achieve almost any landscaping style with the right xeriscape landscaping designer. The xeriscaping principles can be practical for every section of your yard that you feel would bring out the best in the appearance of your property. Some of the Benefits xeriscaping are that it saves water which can decrease landscape water usage by up to 50 to 75 percent and irrigation requirements can be kept without demanding watering systems.



A couple other benefits of installing a xeriscape Landscape is that it can increase a property’s value which makes the cost of construction well worth the investment.

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Also xeriscapes require less maintenance and apart from pruning and weed clearing, therefore upkeep is minimal compared to many other St. Petersburg landscaping designs. Using plants indigenous to Florida area can remove the necessity for fertilizers or pesticides and you can use appropriate nutrients that are supplied by healthy soils.